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About BGFF

Bioscope Global Film Festival: Announcing Independent Cinema’s Biggest Show

To find yourself, think for yourself” – Socrates

There are words and then there are words that contain entire worlds within themselves.”Independence” is one such state of mind -a single word that has continued to resonate powerfully across generations and over a wide spectrum of thinkers, scientists, artists, captains of industry and global leaders. The word has always found itself surrounded by a storm of speculation because an independent state of mind is forever ready to challenge the status quo.

The Bioscope Global film Festival or BGFF has been designed as an international platform for filmmakers who, to paraphrase Steve Jobs, have not let the noise of others opinion drown out their own inner voice. It is a showcase that celebrates individuality in the glorious world of cinema; an endeavour that holds the maverick mindset very close to heart.

The Bioscope Global Film Festival is not born out of a deep desire to create some sort of a sweeping revolution in the film fraternity but it has certainly been conceptualised along the lines of the statement with which fashion icon Coco Chanel made headlines all those years ago – “the most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud”.

At BGFF,we are doing exactly that…